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Guaranteed underwater repairs

If your boat, dock, or pier has been damaged and you need someone you can trust for complete, safe, and accurate underwater repairs, there's no one better than Commercial Dive Solutions LLC.


With our knowledge in ship husbandry (the repairing of ships) and our over 30 years of combined experience, we guarantee all of our work.

Experienced divers

To ensure the safety and quality of all repairs, our divers are accredited by the ACDE (Association of Commercial Diving Educators) and the NCCER (National Center for Construction Education Research).

Diving repairs

  • Ship husbandry

  • Flash inspections

  • Marine services

  • Dock and pier repairs

Emergency services

If your boat, dock, or pier has been damaged and requires emergency services, don't panic! You can contact our locally-operated business for 24/7 emergency services, including insurance consultations. Ask for a FREE estimate today!

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