Underwater Repairs

Underwater Repairs & Inspections

We know there is no substitute for the skilled professional diver. Technology has greatly enhanced underwater inspections, but a skilled diver provides critical first-hand information. Our skilled professional divers ensure accurate data and analysis from the first look through the completion of the final report. Our eyes-and hands-on approach delivers actionable results.  From bridge and tunnel repairs to underwater dock construction, we’ve been called on for some of the most complex jobs along the East Coast.

Our abilities include:

  • Bridge inspections
  • Ship husbandry
  • Substructure investigation
  • Hyrdo station support
  • Cofferdam construction & installation
  •  State of the art 1080p video system

  • Bottom barrier installation
  • Mooring Systems
  • Dry-docking assistance
  • Concrete placement and repair
  • Underwater welding and cutting

Emergency Services

If your boat, dock, or pier has been damaged and requires emergency services, don’t panic! You can contact our locally-operated business for 24/7 emergency services, including insurance consultations. Ask for a FREE estimate today!